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My Story
Roxanne M. Brown LMT LMP WA #MA00005736 OR # 9083
Ownner of Amazing Massage Services
massage therapist vancouver
Roxanne Brown is a Licensed Massage Therapist is both Washington and Oregon since 1992.
Her list of training’s include:  
Associates of Arts (Psychology) Clark College Vancouver WA 1983
Massage Therapy Certification and Licensing 1992 in Washington State and Oregon in 2000.
2012 returning to school to complete her bachelors in Business Administration at WSU.
Massage Certifications:
Swedish, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Russian massage, Neuro-muscular therapy, Myofacial Release and Myofacial TMJ Technique, Cranio Sacral therapy, Qigong.
Matrix Energetics Certification at the Practitioner level 2011 in Seattle WA with
Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C & N.D
"It is through this and all my studies I have emerged as the healer I am today and it is with all of these many gifts, talents, modalities and trainings that I create the personalized sessions you receive.  What I bring to every session is my enthusiasm, intuition and acceptance of all peoples."
"My belief is that with love and understanding coupled with tools for learning we will heal as a collective through each  other.  I focus my energies on healing your being and helping you to “create the life you want, now.” 
Love and Blessings.
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